Architecture of iota

The iota core provides highly distributed and fault tolerant IoT point aggregation, security, managed data pipeline and orchestration capabilities:

Architecture Components


iota is built to ingest, analyze and orchestrate IoT data points in a highly distrubuted and performant fashion.


iota's API's include access to the event processing and actions engine, as well as point value queries and interactions.


Developers can create their own microservices that run on iota. A selection is included by default: encrypt, translate modules and more.


iota laptop and server editions (both standalone and cluster) include a web management front end that utilizes Django.

3rd Party Integrations

iota utilizes some of the world's finest open-source components, including: Spark, Redis, CockroachDB, Kafka and more.


Deploy iota directly in your device (ARM,) on your laptop (Mac or PC,) or via server(s) (Intel; standalone and cluster editions.)

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