How to Contribute

The following are ways that you can get involved in helping with the Apache iota project:

Join the discussion and help others

Most communication in the Apache iota community happens on three mailing lists:

You are very welcome to subscribe to all the mailing lists. In addition to the user list, there is also an iota Slack channel that you can join to talk to other users and contributors.

Ask Questions

The Apache iota community is eager to help and answer your questions. Please search Jira and the mailing list first to see if it has already been discussed.

Mailing list archive:

Report a Bug

If it’s a bug or a feature request, open a JIRA issue. Create a sample that you can use for prototyping the feature or demonstrating the bug. If creating a sample is time consuming, write steps to reproduce the issue. Attach this sample to the JIRA issue if it’s representing a bug report.

File bugs here:

Current Contributors

The following people are current contributors to the Apache iota project:

Avatar Name Role Apache ID
Rutvij Clerk Committer rutvijc
Miron Constant Committer miron
Tony Faustini Committer tonyfaustini
Reza Hajebi Committer rezahajebi
Scott Noteboom Committer noteboom
Amirhossein Jabbari Committer -
Shahin Mowzoon Committer shahinmm
Sydney Noteboom Committer sydney
Omkar Prabhu Committer oprabhu
Don Shields Committer zilla
Daniel Gruno Incubation Mentor humbedooh
Sterling Hughes Incubation Mentor sterling
Justin Mclean Incubation Mentor jmclean
Hadrian Zbarcea Incubation Champion hadrian